Denron offshore outsourcing exports Thai Baht Gold Jewelry and other Thailand gold jewelry of 10K, 14K or 18K that that is shipped direct from manufactures in Thailand.
Denron Int'l, Ltd.  a offshore outsourcing team in Asia with over 35 years experience in offshore outsourcing, offshore manufacturing and offshore investing in real estate investments and manufacturing facilities in Taiwan, China and Thailand. Denron's years of hands on experience in offshore manufacturing and assembly of products that include everything from computer disk drive components, automotive parts and consumer products, health products, building products, handicraft products, Thailand - Thai Baht gold jewelry, Thai leather products, unique corporate gift baskets and more.

Denron's offshore manufacturing concentrates its offshore manufacturing in Thailand where most of the staff reside. Denron also does some offshore outsourcing of
Offshore Electronic Assembly - Thailand and China depending on which facility has the experience and is better equipped to assemble the product. Denron will always suggest using the manufacturer we believe has the best equipment, facility and experience to assemble a particular product and deliver on time.

Denron's offshore manufacturing team takes many factors into consideration before recommending any offshore manufacturing facilities to a client. One of the most important factors is Denron's own perceived opinion or belief about the manufacturer's ability to produce a quality product, with on time delivery at a realistic acceptable price in a low hassle .environment.

Denron's offshore manufacturing team has produced microscopic products in clean room environment using ISO-9000 quality system, health and medical products, automotive parts, furniture, handy craft, gift baskets and even jewelry for our clients.

For more information please send us information on your requirement, including as much detail and specification as possible and we will respond to your inquiry.
Denron Offshore Services Thailand - can provide trained staff, equipment and office space for client defined offshore services. Denron's Offshore Services in Thailand can easily be custom tailored to fit almost any medium to long term secretarially, customer service, marketing, administrative or sales requirement that can be done from a computer based business service in Asia.

Outsourcing offshore services in Thailand is an excellent way to manage cost, meet budget and improve your bottom line. Outsourcing offshore services for Internet based businesses needing online marketing, sales, customer services, claims and accounting is a fast growing field that requires a trusted partner in Asia who is always looking after your best interest.

Please contact us and let us know what type of services you may have interest in and we will be happy to provide you with more information on what we can provide

Below are some popular outsourcing offshore services in Thailand that are available.

*   Internet Based Businesses - Web Sites - Sales - Customer Service - Complaints - Accounts
*   Thailand Purchasing Agent & Buying Agent
*   Thailand Sales Rep & Sales Agent
*   Thailand Import and Export Facilitator
*   Thailand Inspection Services & Quality Assurance
*   Other - Let Us Know Your Needs!
Denron's Offshore Outsourcing Thailand and China are sourcing and buying reps or purchasing agent for raw materials, components and products from Thailand and China. Denron primarily focuses its offshore outsourcing on O.E.M. products and services that are exported to foreign manufacturers and distributors who have regular monthly requirements. Due to the amount of time and effort required to service customers accounts, Denron offshore outsourcing teams in China and Thailand are only able to accept clients who provide enough repeat business to cover the expense involved.

Since offshore outsourcing of reliable manufacturers of products in Thailand and China is very time consuming and requires due diligence to make sure our clients receive exactly what they order. Denron always prefers long term relationship with our clients, where we are part of their team and only receive our compensation from our client. On offshore outsourcing in Thailand and China we only work for the client, not for the manufacturer.

Denron is also currently exploring the idea of setting up
Denron Web Direct for some of our clients who have expressed interest in purchasing small to medium quantities of existing products and services from China and Thailand that could be shipped directly to the client via FedEx, DHL,  Express Mail or another common carrier of their choice. Denron would receive and place the order directly with the supplier and the supplier would make a direct shipment. Please let us know if you have any interest in this type of service and what products you are interested in purchasing.

For more information - please email us with your own thoughts, ideas or needs. We look forward to hearing from you soon.
Denron is always ready to help creative people bring products to market. If you have a new product or idea and need help finding a manufacturer to produce the product, contact us for help and assistants.
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Denron's Offshore Investing Group (Thailand) works diligently to identify, analyze, plan, promote and manage Thailand offshore investments in business and real estate developments in Pattaya, Thailand and the surrounding eastern seaboard region. Strategy and business plans developed by Denron are then used to bring like minded investment partners together to fund real estate developments and business ventures that are managed by Denron Offshore Investing Group in Thailand.

The Denron Offshore Investing Group understands the value of having satisfied investment partners that have a strong desire to stay invested and reinvest with Denron, this is the key to the company's long term growth and continued success. At Denron the company's clear strategy, policy and valued motto is "PLAN FOR SUCCESS AND MAKE IT HAPPEN".

Typical offshore investments with Denron in Thailand are for three to five years with a pre-planned exit strategy in place. Long term offshore investments in Thailand in many business sectors and real estate projects are possible and could also include shareholding and/or management responsibility, if desired.

Denron's offshore investing in Thailand has a wealth of experience in many business sectors that include manufacturing, distribution, general trading, real estate housing projects, retirement communities, condominiums, franchise business, resorts, hotels and more. If you have a particular business sector that you have interested in, just let us know. For more information on offshore investing in Thailand please look go to the following Denron web pages:
Denron's Offshore Investments For Real Estate Thailand - identifies, invests, develops and manages Thailand real estate investment projects located on the eastern seaboard near Pattaya, Thailand. The company's real estate investment business is focused on offshore investments in real estate projects in Pattaya, Thailand, which is one of the fastest growing real estate development areas in the world. Pattaya, Thailand continues its rapid growth in all business sectors of the economy, including retail businesses, manufacturing, retirement communities, condominiums, single family homes, hotels, resorts and tourist attractions and may soon become known as the Los Vegas of the east, if gambling is legalized as planned in the near future.

Thailand with year round sunshine, warm tropical climate, low cost of living and great hospitality make it one of the most sought after vacation and retirement spots in the world. Thailand has millions of foreign tourists arriving each year to bathe in the sunshine and eat delicious Thai food.  Pattaya, Thailand has already become known as an international city for like minded vacationers and retires who have found the quality of life they desire at an affordable price. Real estate in Pattaya, Thailand offers investors a great opportunity to invest for high return in beautiful scenic real estate near the sea, where they can spend their vacations or even retire latter in a hassle free environment.

Denron offshore real estate investments in Pattaya, Thailand bring together interesting like minded investors who are looking for above average returns on fully managed real estate investments in Thailand. Our company's real estate investments are always structured to make money for our clients in a reasonable time period. Most of Denron's offshore real estate investments in Pattaya Thailand are focussed on luxury housing estates, retirement communities, condominiums and resorts in Pattaya Thailand that can be built and sold off within a three or four year period.

Denron's long term experience in the real estate business in Pattaya and other region of Thailand gives it the proven knowledge and experience needed to correctly identify the right type of project and great real estate locations that are most desirable and salable.

Denron is always interested in exploring new ideas for new offshore real estate investments in Thailand with our clients and we welcome all inquiries. For more information about real estate in Pattaya, Thailand please contact us by email, phone or fax and let us know what your interests are and we will quickly respond to your inquiry.

Please be assured that all information forwarded to Denron will be kept strictly confidential and we look forward to hearing from you soon.
Offshore Investments in condominiums in Pattaya is a very popular choice for vacationer and people looking to retire in Thailand in a managed community. Quality condominiums in Pattaya are in high demand and continue their upward price trend that is driven by the weak Thai Baht and high domestic and international demand. Many new condominiums in much sought after areas of Pattaya are now being sold before they are even built.

Investment in a beautiful condominium in Pattaya on or near the sea is still possible at an affordable price and provides an excellent return on investment. For more information on condominiums in Pattaya or offshore real estate investments in Thailand, please contact us by email or fax and we will be happy to respond to your inquiry.
Denron Offshore Investments in Thailand works diligently to identify and analyze business ventures and opportunities in Thailand that provide above average investment returns for our clients. We then develop sound strategy and business plans that can be used to bring like minded investment partners and financial investors together to structure win ~ win business investment opportunities in Thailand.

Typical offshore business investments in Thailand are for three to five years with a pre-planned exit strategy in place. Long term offshore investments in Thailand in many business sectors are possible and could even include shareholding and/or management responsibility, if desired.

Denron's offshore investment team in Thailand has a wealth of experience in many business sectors of the economy that include manufacturing, distribution, general trading, retirement communities, condominiums, franchise business, resorts, hotels and more. If you have a particular business sector that you are interested in, just let us know!
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